March 2021 Letter to Governor Inslee

Whitman County DemocratsPO Box 772Pullman, WA 99163 March 1, 2021 The Honorable Jay InsleeOffice of the GovernorP.O. Box 4002Olympia, WA 98504-0002 Dear Governor Inslee, Whitman County Democrats are pleased with the movement of Whitman County, as part of the eight-county East region, to Phase 2 of the Healthy Washington Road […]

Change $tarts with you.

money, money, money, monnney By Debbie McNeilApril, 2019 I learned in my beginning volunteer days that money wouldn’t drop in my lap if I didn’t ask. (Picture me asking you for money here.) So here I am asking for donations to our three levels of support: Whitman County Democrats, Legislative […]

Stay Connected—Our Digital Paths

By Debbie McNeil Late March 2019 We used to be able to breathe between elections in days gone by. With the fast pace of social media, the constant breaking news cycle, and hyper-partisan politics and bots, we have found it necessary to think about potential candidates, build community and fundraise […]