Stay Connected—Our Digital Paths

By Debbie McNeil
Late March 2019

We used to be able to breathe between elections in days gone by. With the fast pace of social media, the constant breaking news cycle, and hyper-partisan politics and bots, we have found it necessary to think about potential candidates, build community and fundraise year round.
We have multiple social media ways you can stay informed. Pick your favorite way to stay connected.

Facebook—we have two!
Whitman County Democrats (Public Page)
Whitman County Democrat main facebook page is where you will find meeting reminders,event invitations and other business information.
Whitman County Democratic Community Forum (Closed Group)
This is a closed group so approval is needed to join. We aim to inform this community with reliable sources of information so all requests to submit news here will need approval. There are other sites out there to get your fix of funny and snarky memes and biased reporting, yes, both from the left and the right. We will use the general bias reporting chart ( to guide our decisions to approve. Please feel free to discuss or ask questions and do be aware of our online request for appropriate behavior.

Twitter, for those of you who tweet, will be full of announcements, breaking news and retweets from the Twitter-dom.

We thrive on information and communication processes that are user friendly. We want this site to be your go-to for all local political information, your “I don’t know the answer to that question, let me check the Whitman County Democratic Website.” Let us know if you don’t find the answer. We will try to find the information and post it.

Enough for social media. While a source for information, it does not, nor will it, replace the face-to-face conversations we need to grow a community. Contact me anytime for a visit, a cup of Joe or tea. Let’s build a community both on social media and face-to-face.

Debbie McNeil
Chair Person, Whitman County Democrats 2019-20
9th LD Committee Person.

My electronic door is always open.