Change $tarts with you.

money, money, money, monnney

By Debbie McNeil
April, 2019

I learned in my beginning volunteer days that money wouldn’t drop in my lap if I didn’t ask. (Picture me asking you for money here.) So here I am asking for donations to our three levels of support: Whitman County Democrats, Legislative District 9, and the State Democratic Party. While we are involved in Congressional District 5, as a federal office with its own set of fundraising rules, money is given to candidates from those individuals who choose to give.

In the next 22 months we will be looking for candidates for school boards, county commissioners, all three Legislative District 9 positions, a candidate running against Cathy McMorris Rodgers in CD 5, and a U.S. President. We need to continue spending our energy to fill the bench and fill it with blue candidates.

You may have heard of sharing your time, treasure, and talents and while we often share one or another, I encourage you to provide as much of the three T’s as you can throughout the next 20 months. Building community, finding candidates, reaching out to non-voters, and canvassing makes our collective voice stronger but it takes canvassing, money, and special abilities.

Someone asked me how much they should donate? My response was a  little here in the county, a little in the 9th district, a little at the state. All three, you say? Yes! All three.
All three levels need your support. And as a county, we need the support of our Legislative District 9 and the State Democratic Party. The amount is certainly up to you but for 22 months would you consider $25 to the county and $10 each to LD 9 and the state?

Whitman County Democrats The Whitman County level is where we have “boots on the ground”, where we continue to find more democrats, educate and provide local support for candidates both at the local and county levels and Legislative District 9 and Congressional District 5 candidates.

Legislative District 9
Due to the new primary system, electing candidates to the National Convention starts at the Legislative level. LD 9 needs money to put those actions into play. The LD will need money for rental costs throughout the huge district.

Washington State Democrats
Did you know that that operation of our state Democratic office comes from constant fundraising by Tina and the staff? We have one of the strongest, if not the
strongest state Democratic operation in the nation. As no two states are alike, our strength shows through the number of democrats we have elected to various state positions. More state and national democratic positions equals to more delegates to the National Convention and to the wonderful laws that exist in our state.  We are extremely fortunate to have our state chair, Tina Podlodowski and the incredible staff working for us. Please consider donating to the state.

I live on a fixed income and my health insurance went up $40 a month.
But… I have decided that there is so much at stake the next 22 months that I can certainly go without one $10 Tuesday night Papa Murphy’s special pizza, a couple of coffees from the coffee houses, and two glasses of wine a month. I call it my healthy-to-me donation money. In 22 months I will feel more healthy and feel less stressed as we work hard to change the direction of this country at the national level and strengthen what we already have in our state.  I encourage you to consider donating. Every little bit helps. $5 a month or more to all three levels would be so appreciated.

Thank you for donating with anything you can for the next 22 months.